“One of the 8 most important restaurant openings in 2015”

The Londonist

Wahleeah (slang)

wallear (brooklyn slang)
 a powerful craving for something.
  1. “a wallear for fried chicken”
    synonyms: longing, yearning, hankering, hunger, hungering, thirst, pining, desire,want, wish, fancy, urge, need, appetite, greed, lust, ache, burning,addiction, aspiration, aim, goal;
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Neighbourhood Dining & Drinking


We say “Wahleeah, it’s a neighbourhood thing” what we mean is that great neighbourhoods deserve a great place to dine. Wahleeah is reinventing neighbourhood dining in London by combining the best of ingredients and global influences with some of the world’s best beers all in a totally unique venue to make for great experience on every visit.

Day Menu

Brunch Pots

Baked brunch pot served in a Kilner jar with Smoked Potato Puree base, topped with an egg, a choice of fillings & finished with cheese. Served with fresh sourdough toast.

One pot with one filling – £6

Extra filling – £1

Second pot with one filling – £4

Choose from : Mushrooms, Bacon, Smoked Salmon, Spinach, Leeks, Bacon beans, BBQ Beans

Soup of the day – £5

Roast Beef & homemade blue cheese sandwich – £6

Smoked Haddock scrambled eggs – £8

Avocado on toast with poached eggs – £7.50

BBQ Beans with Fried Eggs on toast – £7.50

The Wahleeah Burger, topped with beef bacon, horseradish cheddar & beer ketchup – £15


Evening menu

Deep fried whitebait with lemon batter, served with tartare sauce – £5.50

Mozzarella, roast pumpkin & rosemary – £7.00 (v)

Soup of the day with cheese on toast – £5.00

Salt & pepper squid, chilli & garlic aioli – £6.50

Roast beef & house made blue cheese sandwich – £6.00 – Add chips – £2.00

Artichoke hearts, house made chorizo, duck egg – £8.00

Cauliflower steak, root veg rosti, roast tomato & lemon butter – £12.00 (v)

Pork belly, smoked plums, black pudding croquette & chimichurri – £12.50

Salmon, crushed caper potatoes, salsa verde & charred lemon – £12.50

Bavette, pomme frites, caramelised shallots & beer sauce – £14.50

Curry spiced, beer braised fennel – £4.00 (v)

Daikon & kohlrabi slaw, gin vinaigrette – £4.00 (v)

Spiced aubergine, flat bread – £4.00 (v)


Chocolate mousse, hazelnut – £6.00

Poached rhubarb, citrus cream & ginger crumble – £6.00

Pannacotta, winter berries – £6.00

House made cheeses, chutney – £12.00

Bar Snacks

Bar Snacks

The Wahleeah Burger, topped with beef bacon, horseradish cheddar & beer ketchup – £1

Mushroom Ruben with homemade sauerkraut – £12


Deep fried Mac and cheese balls – £5 (v)

Salt Cod Croquettes – £6 

Pork Rillettes – £6


Garlic Dough Balls – £3 

Chips – £3.50 (v)

Deep Fried Pickle Crisps – £3


About Us

Situated in a convenient location in the heart of Fulham, on a quiet street two minutes’ walk from Fulham Broadway station, Wahleeah offers a unique drinking and dining experience. We at Wahleeah are united by a love of spending time with friends enjoying great food and drink. We want our customers to feel that we have done everything to ensure that they have a great time with their friends every time they come to Wahleeah. Our attention to detail is clear from our menu, designed from scratch, our extensive list of 50 beers and our beautiful surroundings. We have created something new and totally unique in London. Everything about Wahleeah sets it apart from other London restaurants: from the food and beers, the design details, and our policy of sharing 20% of our profits with our staff. We have well and truly ripped up the rulebook and rewritten it to reflect what we think a neighbourhood restaurant should be.

Dining & Drinking

Chef Dave Ahern has a reputation for doing things his own way, preferring to buck trends rather than follow them. This is reflected in the menu at Wahleeah, where virtually everything is produced in-house, from our cheeses to our salt. Many of these are made using techniques that Dave himself has invented in order to realise the final dish he envisaged. These bespoke techniques are applied using the finest of produce to develop dishes that push the boundaries of what people would think possible of a neighbourhood restaurant. Dave’s philosophy is that in every dish “everything is there for a reason.” It may take many hours to produce one small element of a dish, but it is just as important as everything else on the plate.

Oxtail & Onions

Chicken Meatballs with Beer Gravy

Chargrilled Lettuce Salad

Tuna Meatloaf

Porter Cheescake with Chilli Jam

Endive Salad

Shrimp & Pea Fritters

Deep Fried Macaroni Cheese Balls

Wahleeah Lager

21 Draft Choices

Extensive bottle & can selection


Extensive bottle & can selection

We at Wahleeah believe that the British appetite for food developed alongside the British appetite for beer. For this reason we have selected over 50 beers from around the world. We would like not only to open people’s eyes to the huge variety of beer on offer, but through our suggested pairings, allow people to enjoy a drink specifically chosen to complement their meal. We believe that having an individually tailored beer with every dish makes for a more enjoyable experience for you and your friends. We have even brewed our own beer to complement the food: designed by and produced exclusively for us, Wahleeah lager is the first beer in the world to be made by a chef to be enjoyed alongside the food; it’s great on its own too, of course.


18 Farm Lane London SW6 1PP Located a short walk from Fulham Broadway Station on the District Line or Overground Station West Brompton. Bus Routes 11, 14, 28, 211, 295, 391, 414 & 424. Metered on-street parking is available on the roads surrounding the venue.


“An ale-loving chef is launching a beer-based menu at a restaurant where diners can pull their own pints” Evening Standard

“The menu would be insanely ambitious for a central London spot and is particularly so for a neighbourhood joint” Stylist

“Wahleeah was a complete assault on the tastebuds – in a good way. My highlights were the tuna meatloaf and the cheesecake”

Gentlemen's Goods

“One of the 8 most important restaurants to open in London in 2015” The Londonist

“Meat lovers will be in heaven at Wahleeah which focuses on big, punchy bold flavours” Sheer Luxe

“There’s over 50 beers from around the world to complement the food, plus Wahleeah’s own brew”


“Ahern also intends to make every ingredient in-house, including salt, flour and cheese” Big Hospitality

“Dave Ahern is a brave chef with a respect for ingredients and the natural world . But there is also a more sophisticated urban sense of playfulness in his food” The Hedonist

“I discovered that Wahleeah is way more than just cooking with beer”

Pencil & Spoon

“I love local restaurants. They should be at the very center of a community and they should define an area and give it a sense of identity” Hot Dinners

“Cornflake coated french toast with bacon & maple butter AND pancakes with fruit beer jam. It’s too much”

Bar Chick


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